Jessica Beringer's PledgePage

Some of you thought that I was crazy to move out to California ... but you may think that I have gone nuts! On December 10, 2000 I will be walking 26.2 miles in the Honolulu Marathon for the Leukemia Society of America.

It is about 2,400 miles from San Francisco to Honolulu. My goal is to raise $1 a mile for the round trip distance from here to there ... a total of $4,800! This money will bring the Leukemia Society of America that much closer to meeting their goal of finding a cure for leukemia. To reach my goal, I will need your support!

You have the chance to help to bring the cure closer and to support me in my walking efforts with a donation. 75 % of your contributions are tax deductible!

To prepare for the marathon, I will walk hundreds of miles and hours. That is easy though, compared to what thousands of people go through every day of their life to fight leukemia. My part will be easier with your support! The sooner I reach my $4800 goal, the better I will be able to focus my energy on preparing myself for the marathon.

I appreciate you taking my marathon seriously and your donation to the Leukemia Society of America.

Remember, when we're lucky, life's a marathon, not a sprint! Let's help more people go the distance. Please give generously!

Thanks again.

~ Jessica